These Hilarious and Boozy Shirts Are On Sale Today Only

Your wardrobe probably once consisted of more than t-shirts, but let’s be honest, you’ve been living in t-shirts full-time for months now. Give your closet an upgrade with these insanely comfy tee shirts that are witty, charming, and boozy…just like you.

Today is your last chance to snag one—or more—before the holidays. To make it even sweeter, they’re 20% off when you use the code TIPSYSHIRT at check out. Treat yourself or your drink loving friends because these t-shirts make great gifts.

Below we’ve gathered some of our store favorites, and trust us; you’ll want to prepare for the compliments to roll in on your next Zoom happy hour.

Champagne Please T-Shirt

Best Champagne Please T-Shirt
This unisex t-shirt is 100% cotton and says what’s definitely on your mind. Champagne is a special occasion beverage, but that’s not all it is. It’s the perfect drink for any time of day and any occasion. Of course, you already knew that. Ask, and it shall be delivered.

Japanese Cheers T-Shirt

The “cheers” enthusiasm tends to wane after the first round of drinks. This tee, which shows you the Japanese pronunciation for cheers, is just one in the line of shirts with “cheers!” in other languages. Keep the energy up all night by making each “cheers” unique. Clink the night away and collect them all.

Screw It T-Shirt

Best Screw It T-Shirt
Could there be a more appropriate shirt for this year? This super-soft cotton t-shirt is a reader favorite and comes in black, navy, forest, ocean blue, and red. Everyone is thinking it — Let your shirt say it with style.

In Wine We Trust T-Shirt

Best In Wine We Trust T-Shirt
If wine has never let you down, then this t-shirt belongs in your wardrobe. This shirt, which looks great on both men and women, comes in teal, navy, true royal, red, and raspberry. If there’s one thing we can always count on, it’s definitely wine.

Bourbon Helps T-Shirt

Best Bourbon Helps T-Shirt
Sometimes, life is hard. There is no perfect solution to everything, but we can tell you from experience that bourbon (in most cases) certainly does help. Pour yourself a glass from your favorite producer, get comfortable in this soft, lightweight t-shirt, and let the bourbon do the rest.

Keep It Bubbly T-Shirt

Best Keep It Bubbly Sparkling Wine Word Shirt
The holidays mean one thing: bubbly season (although for us, all seasons are bubbly season). If you’re a true lover of all things sparkling, grab this simple, stylish t-shirt and wear it with pride to let the rest of the world know what matters most to you.

Will Run For Rosé T-Shirt

Best Will Run For Rose Shirt
Whether you’re a marathon runner or going on your first jog ever, this t-shirt will let everyone know your motivation for lacing up your shoes and hitting the pavement. Is there a better reason to get moving than a generously poured glass of Rosé? If there is, we can’t think of it.

My Wine Drinking T-Shirt

Best This Is My Wine Drinking Shirt
Sometimes the best joke is the simplest one, and that is why this tee shirt makes us laugh every time. This unisex, baby-knit t-shirt comes in size XS-4XL. So no matter who you are, this can— and should— be your wine drinking shirt.

The Four Horsemen T-Shirt

Unisex Four Horsemen Cocktail T-Shirt
The Four Horsemen shot traditionally contains Tennessee whiskey, bourbon, Scotch, and Irish whiskey. Conveniently, those ingredients are all famous spirits that begin with the letter J, allowing us to create this awesome shirt. Show the world that you’re brave enough to take on the four horsemen of the apocalypse (or pretend that you are) in this t-shirt that is guaranteed to earn you some respect from whiskey connoisseurs.

Team Wine T-Shirt

Best Team Wine Shirt
It’s important to have something that unites us, and wine is the thing we can all agree on. This t-shirt is for a group of friends that loves to “wine” together. It’s a light, 100% cotton t-shirt that is going to look so good at your next bar crawl, trivia night, or wine tasting (eventually).