5 Drinks Accessories Every Dog Lover Needs

If you can’t decide whether your best friend is wine or your faithful Fido, we’ve got good news. With these accessories, you can easily proclaim your love for both!

Bulldog Wine Bottle Holder

Best Dog Wine Bottle Holder
Please meet the most adorable wine bottle holder in the history of adorableness. This little bulldog will hold your standard-sized wine bottle at an angle where the liquid stays in contact with the cork, and the velvet backing makes sure your tabletop stays scratch-free. Good boy!

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Dog Dad Cocktail Glass

Best Dog Dad Glass
Good boys deserve treats, and good dog dads deserve a glass that broadcasts their love for their fluffy friend. This one is dishwasher safe, holds 11 oz, and is the perfect gift for any dog dad.

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Not Drinking Alone If The Dog Is Home T-Shirt

Best Dog Booze T-Shirt
Here at VinePair, we believe that it’s important to drink responsibly. It’s also important to make sure that no pooch is left behind when it comes to enjoying a casual Happy Hour. This shirt lets everybody know who your boozy buddy is when you’re stuck at home.

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Dog Shaped Wine Cork Holder

Best Dog Cork Cage
This rustic cork holder in the shape of a dog will hold up to fifty corks—memories of dinners with friends and of casual evenings spent with Netflix and your pup. The sturdy construction and bronze color finish makes it makes a great addition to any bar or countertop

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Corki Bottle Stopper

Best Corgi Dog Bottle Stopper
If Corgis are good enough to be the lifetime companions of the Queen, they’re good enough to protect your leftover bottle of wine. This adorable bottle stopper will keep your wine fresh on the counter or in the fridge. We named ours Franc.

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