Three of Our Favorite Fall Outdoor Drinking Essentials

While we really love taking advantage of everything the summer has to offer, we’d be lying if we didn’t say we have an internal countdown until the cooler days of fall arrive. To put it simply, we’d prefer to do our outdoor day drinking (especially tailgating) when it isn’t screaming hot outside.

With that season approaching quicker than you think, now is the time to get everything you need for seamless outdoor libations. Here are some of our favorites.

The Iceberg Can Cooler

Best Beer Can and Bottle Cooler
The Iceberg Cooler fits all standard cans and bottles.

The Iceberg Can Cooler blows every koozie you’ve ever used out of the water. It’s double-walled, and vacuum-sealed construction keeps your cold beer cold for longer, removing any chance of your hands warming it up while you’re enjoying the fall breeze. It fits standard cans and bottles, making it perfect for any six-pack seasonal you happen to snag on your way to the function.

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The Iceberg Wine Tumbler

Best Double Walled Wine and Spirits Tumbler
We’re known to drink rosé all year, but fall is the perfect time to get excited about chillable red wines. And thanks to the Iceberg Wine Tumbler, you never have to worry about your Gamay losing its chill. The double-walled, vacuum-sealed construction keeps your wine at its desired temperature for hours so that you can worry less about your wine warming up in your hand, and more about how you’re going to tackle the beautiful charcuterie board in front of you.

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The Droplet Glass Travel Bottle

Best Glass Travel Bottle
A great bottle will change your hydration habits, and this Droplet Glass Travel Bottle is up to the task. The ergonomic bottle is made of glass instead of cheap plastic or stainless steel, so it’s way more aesthetically pleasing. But for those who are a little clumsy, the silicone sleeve gives a little grip and extra protection. Whether you’re infusing some water for a detox or packing some batched cocktails for a retox, this bottle will have you doing it in style.

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