Review: Il Poggione Brancato Rosato di Toscana 2015

Rosés now come in all shades and from a variety of different countries and thanks to the wine’s ever growing popularity, that means you’re more likely to find a wide range of styles when you head out to your local wine shop in search of a pink-hued sipper. No more is great rosé simply coming out of France. Across the globe, producers are making fantastic wines that challenge us to consider rose as a serious accompaniment to food, and not simply a wine to be thrown back while lounging on the beach. One wine we recently tried that’s worth seeking out is the Il Poggione Brancato Rosato di Toscana. It’s an absolutely delicious wine full of strawberry, cherry and raspberry aromas that simply screams DRINK ME.

Made by one of the most famous Brunello producers in Tuscany, the wine is made from 100% Sangiovese – the same grape used to make Brunello and Chianti – and the grape deliciously delivers its quintessential flavors of cherry and strawberry along with a bright acidity. The juice is allowed to sit with the skins for only 24 hours, and in doing so, a beautiful light-pink hue is developed.

While many rosés can be simple sippers, made to drunk instead of pondered, this wine has a lot of complexity – you may even pick up on the subtle flavor of ripe tomato water. That complexity makes this wine a perfect accompaniment to food. Everything you could want in a rose is found here – rich fruit, fresh acidity and a nice amount of minerality. It’s the type of wine you’ll find yourself returning to again and again as the wine’s flavor pleasantly lingers on your palate.

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