Chateau Bonnet White Bordeaux

As a reader of VinePair, you know we’re fans of white Bordeaux. A wine that too often flies under the radar, white Bordeaux is an excellent choice for the summer, especially if you enjoy Sauvignon Blanc. But even though Bordeaux is the birthplace of Sauvignon Blanc, it often gets ignored in favor of regions such as New Zealand and Sancerre. And that’s a shame, because white Bordeaux, when done well, is really excellent, and beautifully highlights the zippy acidity and grassy characteristics many people love about the wine, while blending it with Semillon, making it incredibly soft and smooth.

One such producer who makes a great white Bordeaux is Andre Lurton. Lurton has been making wine in Bordeaux for decades and he now own many chateaus, from the affordable to the high-end. Château Bonnet is Lurton’s entry-level white Bordeaux and it’s great for a casual evening, a party, or a day by the pool. Another bonus: it’s sealed with a screwcap, so perfect if you’re on the go.

The bottle we tasted had an insanely strong scent of grapefruit and grass when poured into the glass, with a nice hint of honeysuckle flowers in the background. When tasted, the flavor was not as intense as the smell, yet it delivered a pleasant acidity that had a strong punch in the beginning that caused the citrus flavors to linger on the palate even after swallowing.

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This wine is definitely a crowd pleaser. It’s easily consumed and appealing to anyone who craves refreshing white wine in the summer. If you’re in the mood for seafood, especially shellfish, this would be the ideal wine. And at $10 dollars a bottle, you can afford to splurge on lobster if you want.

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