Anna De Codorníu Brute Rosé Review.

With rosé season in full swing, it’s pretty hard to walk into a wine shop and not find a few quality bottles prominently sitting on the shelf. But many of these bottles of wine are of the still variety, and sometimes we crave not only rosé, but bubbles. That’s the exact mood we were in this past Wednesday afternoon when we popped a bottle of Anna De Codorníu Brut Rosé.

While sparkling rosé may seem odd when compared to the still rosés that are currently all the rage, in fact it was a sparkling rosé that first saw dramatic success with American consumers. Shortly after WWII two Portuguese wine producers released Mateus and Lancers, two sweet and bubbly pink wines that became immediate hits with the American market. And while there are still sweet pink bubblies consumed today the more popular style is the Brut variety – in which category Anna falls – the driest of sparkling wines.

Sparkling Rosés are the perfect way to glam up an afternoon party, making that Saturday afternoon BBQ feel just a bit more festive. And the Anna bottle definitely helps for that, standing out in all its pink glory.

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Being a rosé from Spain, the wine is a bit darker than the pale pink many people might be used to, but we loved the bright cherry color in the glass. Immediately upon pouring the wine we smelled aromas of strawberries, cherries and citrus. There was also a really nice mineral note – think the smell of wet rocks – that was playing around in the background.

The wine was zippy and fresh and the bubbles danced on the tongue. It also had a nice amount of acidity that would make this a great wine for food, especially a hot dog or burger if you’re pouring this during that backyard BBQ.

As an added bonus, we found the bottle’s label was perfect for writing a message on it with a sharpie, no need for a card!
Anna De Codorníu Brute Rosé Review.