Road trips are time honored American vacations. Thanks to a robust national highway system that can move people pretty much anywhere they want to go, exploring the states from behind a car window has become as American as Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon. But when it comes to the final destination of those road trips, people have a favorite (well, a tied favorite): Yellowstone and Disney World.

According to Cenex, a gasoline and energy company, those two locations are the most popular road trip destinations in the United States. That’s not a small deal considering 76 percent of U.S. vacationers travel by car. The destinations couldn’t be more different, though. Disney World is a bastion of commercial success, the other an example of the country’s vast wilderness (well, the wilderness that still exists).

Sadly people’s pets don’t get to join in on the fun. Only 18 percent of road trippers take their pet with them. But then again, maybe the pets aren’t missing out. Cenex says that the most popular road trip song is “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson.

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