Americans don’t like to talk about what they do in the bathroom, but they sure do love their toilet paper. The average American uses 50 pounds of toilet paper every single year.

That breaks down to 57 squares per day, according to Mental Floss. Or, for another metric, that’s around 410 rolls a year. At that rate, a two person household will go through a whole tree worth of toilet paper in 365 days.

The very first toilet paper was invented in America in 1857, Mental Floss writes. They were aloe-infused pieces of manila hemp, and the inventor, Joseph Gayetty, put his name on every sheet. It wasn’t until the 1930s, however, that toilet paper really took off. And look how far it’s come. Toilet paper is now a more than $6 billion industry.

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One ply, two ply, or Charmin Ultra Soft — that’s a lot of toilet paper no matter how you look at it. The numbers are an average, however, so they also take into account playful cats, decorated trees, and the countless amount of toilet paper the students of Auburn University toss every time the football team wins a game.

In the end, though, toilet paper belongs in the bathroom. All 20,805 sheets of it every American uses annually.