A decade ago, bottles of tequila priced over $100 were a rarity. But as drinkers worldwide have embraced Mexico’s native distillate and recognized it as being so much more than the base for Margaritas, this lofty price range now features a rich range of complex offerings.

At this most premium price point, expressions push the boundaries of age and innovation, all the while maintaining the fundamental core principle that the soul of agave be maintained. By the very nature of their price tag, these are sipping tequilas and bottles that go toe-to-toe with the finest bottles of other aged spirits — even if not they don’t all arrive with a rich, caramel hue.

Given the broad range in price, and the markedly different styles on show, this roundup arrives without rankings. But rest assured that all on the list are worth the splurge.

Here are the 10 best tequilas over $100.

El Tesoro Extra Añejo

El Tesoro Extra Añejo is one of the best tequilas over $100.

The only example from El Tesoro’s lineup that transmits pronounced oak aging notes, this tequila is richer than its light hue suggests. The extended maturation lends an attractive vanilla note that shines throughout, promoting and integrating seamlessly with its cooked agave core. This is an intense and alluring tequila that arrives with poise and unexpected power. Average price: $101.

Roble Fino Partida Cristalino Reposado Sherry Oak Finish

Roble Fino Partida Cristalino Reposado Sherry Oak Finish is one of the best tequilas over $100.

There’s a lot going on with this tequila, but the end result is a resounding success. After a finishing period in ex-single-malt Sherry-seasoned casks, the reposado undergoes a filtration process to remove all color. This final step also rounds out its edges, leaving a lively reposado that finishes with dried fruit notes and caramelized nuts. This is one of a kind and remarkably enjoyable. Average price: $120.

Komos Tequila Añejo Cristalino


Komos Tequila Añejo Cristalino is one of the best tequilas over $100.This tequila instantly invites with enticing aromas that dance between vanilla, perfumed berry compote, flowers, and rich agave syrup. It lands on the palate with a weighty, velvety texture and just a hint of spice to finish. The sweet and decadent nature of this tequila’s profile make it an ideal sipping option to finish the night. Average price: $122.

Avión 44 Reserva Extra Añejo

Avión 44 Reserva Extra Añejo is one of the best tequilas over $100.

After 43 months resting in oak, this extra añejo spends one final month finishing in petite oak barrels that are rotated daily to increase the wood’s influence. Naturally, it is the maturation process that defines the final spirit, which arrives with complex texture, spiced notes from oak and agave, and a rich burst of vanilla. Average price: $126.

Maestro Dobel 50 Cristalino Extra Añejo

Maestro Dobel 50 Cristalino Extra Añejo is one of the best tequilas over $100.

Aged in American and Eastern European oak barrels for at least three years, this crystal clear extra añejo arrives with surprising vibrancy and fruit character. Its flavor profile has the kind of sweetness and toasted oak notes that will win over bourbon drinkers, while an enjoyable, peppery spiced finish ensures there is no confusion that this is tequila you’re enjoying. Average price: $158.

Don Julio 1942

Don Julio 1942 is one of the best tequilas over $100.

This añejo tequila lives up to its considerable hype, delivering complexity, depth, and a flavor profile that not only can or should be enjoyed neat, but demands to be. Its aromas begin with a sweet vanilla note that remains consistent right to the finish of each sip. Beneath lies a luscious agave syrup aroma, which transitions to a lively, energetic palate that encapsulates dried fruits, berry compote, and peppery spice notes, among an ocean more waiting to be enjoyed. Average price: $164.

Gran Centenario Leyenda Extra Añejo

Gran Centenario Leyenda Extra Añejo is one of the best tequilas over $100.

Scents of raisins, dried figs, and vanilla meet sumptuous agave syrup on the nose of this 4-year-old tequila. Its profile will appeal to Cognac drinkers, especially on the palate where the lengthy maturation lends cedar and tobacco box notes and vibrant bursts of dried fruit. This is a complex aged spirit, akin to those four or five times its age in other categories. Average price: $173.

Jose Cuervo Reserva De La Familia Extra Añejo

Jose Cuervo Reserva De La Familia Extra Añejo is one of the best tequilas over $100.

This extra añejo is a shining example of agave distillate and oak maturation coming together as one wonderful entity. Search and you can easily find the qualities each brings to the table — ripe fruit and rich cooked agave from the base spirit; baking spices, licorice, and toasted wood from the maturation. But the overall effect is greater than the sum of these parts and the end spirit brims with character and will win the hearts of aged rum and Cognac aficionados. Average price: $183.

Flecha Azul Añejo Cristalino

Flecha Azul Añejo Cristalino is one of the best tequilas over $100.

Should you seek to snag an ultra premium tequila that expertly captures the essence of delectable chocolate cake batter, nothing compares to this Cristalino añejo. Cocoa and vanilla meet a fiery yet understated chili pepper note on the nose, before the spice and agave nectar come to the forefront on the palate. This ultra-premium sipping tequila finds its ideal home at the end of a hearty meal. Average price: $200.

Gran Patrón Platinum

Gran Patrón Platinum is one of the best tequilas over $100.

Where other producers use oak aging and filtration to soften the edges of their distillates, the impossibly supple smoothness and richness of this baller blanco is a direct result of the hand-selected “finest” agave used for this expression. Rested for a mere 30 days in oak, it arrives with all the polished character of a Cristalino, and the velvet texture of a spirit that’s spent years mellowing in oak. The price point says you should steer clear of cocktail shakers and ice, but give in to temptation and delight in one of the finest, most expensive Margaritas you will ever experience. Average price: $203.