Who needs a mini bar when your hotel room is located inside a brewery?

In recent years, a growing number of American brewers have started offering overnight accommodation at, or adjacent to, their production facilities. In 2014, Dogfish Head opened the 16-room Dogfish Inn in Milton, Del. Last year, BrewDog opened a craft beer hotel — complete with beer taps in every room — at its Columbus, Ohio brewery.

Now, America’s oldest brewery looks set to join the party.

According to various sources including Philly Voice, Yuengling plans to build a beer-themed hotel near its Tampa Bay, Fla. brewery. The news broke earlier this month via Tampa Bay-based civic group URBN.

On May 4, in a Facebook post, URBN wrote: “Yuengling Beer Company is moving forward with a large mixed-use development at 11111 North 30th Street just south of USF next to its main brewery. The project includes 200 hotel rooms, a microbrewery, a beer garden, a tasting room, 12,700 square feet of restaurant space, a Yuengling museum, and 5,900 square feet of conference space.”

In a later statement to WTSP, the brewery’s CEO Wendy Yuengling said: “As consumer interest in locally crafted beer continues to grow, we are always looking for ways to engage our loyal fans and re-envision the Yuengling experience in Tampa. This new development will not only offer visitors an enhanced brewery hospitality experience but will also increase our presence in the local community.”



URBN shared some rudimentary-looking digital mock-ups of the project and said a zoning hearing is set to take place in September. Given the brewery’s track record, if plans are eventually approved, expect boycotts.