Despite being one of the newest light lagers on the scene, Michelob Ultra has quickly become one of the country’s best-selling beers. Somewhat ironically, the new contender may soon face a serious challenge from none other than “America’s Oldest Brewery.”

On Tuesday, Yuengling announced the release of its new “upscale light beer offering,” Yuengling Flight, which seems tailor-made to directly compete with the current category leader.

Like Michelob Ultra, Flight has 2.6 grams of carbohydrates, 95 calories, and 4.2 percent ABV. The similarities also extend to marketing, with Yuengling’s press release stating that Flight is perfect for consumers who lead “active lifestyles,” a clear nod toward Michelob Ultra’s current status as the post-workout beer.

Additionally, Yuengling looks to be following Michelob Ultra’s lead in marketing toward women. As Jim Vorel of Paste notes: Yuengling has recently started highlighting the fact that four sisters run the family business, and both soccer star Rose Lavelle and country singer Lauren Aliana have also been brought on as Flight brand ambassadors.

While Yuengling is technically a “craft brewery,” it has the production and distribution capacity to pose a serious threat to Michelob Ultra — assuming consumers are willing to take a chance on a new product.

Yuengling’s upscale light beer will take flight in 22 states later this year.