If You See a Beer Commercial During the Superbowl, They’re Owned by Budweiser

Ever wonder why the Big Game is flooded with beer commercials? As Advertising Age reports, Anheuser-Busch InBev, which owns Budweiser, has exclusive category ad rights with Fox, not just for beer, but for all alcohol commercials during Game Day advertisements.

So what does that mean for your favorite vino? In previous years, you may have seen some wine commercials. But some serious hurdles were jumped to achieve those viewing rights. E.J. Schultz reports that the large Australian brand Yellow Tail purchased individual local ad buys over 70 TV markets. Yellow Tail’s thirty second ad is proof to just how hard it can be to get access to that precious screen time during the hours of the Big Game. As most of the TV watching market knows, the Big Game is one of, if not the, largest platforms for advertising.

Liquor brands aren’t affected by this monopolizing purchase, by the way, since their ads are prohibited by the NFL during game time anyway. Those ads are pricey, too. Thirty second Game Day ads are estimated to cost a pretty $5 million per advertisement.