You'll Never Guess What Was Found Under This St. Augustine Wine Shop

History has just revealed itself in the most unlikely of places. Beneath the floors of a St. Augustine wine shop, 400+ year old human remains have been uncovered.

According First Coast News via Smithsonian, the skeletal remains of seven humans, three of which are children, were unearthed by archaeologist Carl Hibert after hurricane Matthew last October. The building where the wine shop is located was constructed in the late 1800s, with the remains potentially dating back to over three hundred years prior.

Susan Parker at The St. Augustine Register told the Smithsonian that the remains, including one intact skeleton, two skulls, and a leg bone, have been identified as belonging to a young white woman of European descent, and an African adult male. The children’s remains were found after the initial discovery.

Pottery found near the bones has been identified as dating back to the mid 1500’s, shortly after St. Augustine was founded, reports Smithsonian. It’s possible that the remains may be from the floors of an ancient church.