Gin is definitely enjoying a moment in the sun. G&Ts are a global phenomenon, and artisanal distillers and internationally established companies comprise some 6,000 gin brands vying for drinkers worldwide.

Amongst those is Swedish craft distiller Smögen, which just set a new record for the title of world’s strongest gin.

Though it is more closely associated with single-malt whisky, Smögen set the new record with its Strane Ultra Uncut gin. Clocking-in at an eye-watering 82.5 percent ABV, the botanical distill beat the prior record by 5.5 percentage points, as reported by

Smögen had previously held the record themselves until February 2018, with their 76 percent ABV Strane London Dry Gin Uncut Strength. But when Scottish distillers Twin Rivers broke that record with a 77 percent gin, Smögen distiller Pär Caldenby reportedly saw it as a challenge to regain the title, and started altering the company’s gin recipe. With a few tweaks to still production, and an increase in botanicals, Strane Ultra Uncut was born.

For those, like Caldenby, that are fond of a challenge, seeing if you can stomach this particularly potent gin (for now) involves traveling to Sweden or the U.K. For the rest of us, here’s a list of some more conventional, market-leading alternatives.