The Guinness Book of World Records just declared the world’s highest vineyard. And it’s situated in a very unlikely location.

High-altitude winemaking is normally associated with vineyards in the Andean foothills of South American nations like Argentina and Bolivia. The holder of the new Guinness title, however, can be found over 10,000 miles away, in Tibet.

Located at 3,563.31 meters above sea level, the ‘Pure Land & Super-high altitude vineyard’ is the first to be declared ‘world’s highest’ by Guinness World Records. The vineyard’s status was recognized by adjudicator Iris Hou, who awarded the official certificate on 27 Sep 2018, Decanter reports.

The vineyard, found in Cai Na Xiang, Tibet, is owned by Rong Shun Biotechnology Development Ltd. There are 11 varieties planted over the 67-hectare expanse, including Vidal, Muscat, and an indigenous variety called Bei Bing Hong.

Speaking to Decanter, Rong Shun Biotechnology claims that expansion is on the horizon. “The grand target is 666.7ha wine plantings by 2022,” it said. The company is also planning on-site production and tourism facilities, for those that can brave the climb.