The Cannabis Co., based in Healesville, Australia recently released what the company is calling the “world’s first cannabis-infused gin.” The Myrcene Hemp Gin is infused with terpenes derived from the cannabis plant.

Myrcene, the most abundant terpene in cannabis (other terpenes include CBD and THC), is also found in hops. Although the Cannabis Co. claims its spirit is the first cannabis-infused gin, the company also cites 18th-century versions as inspiration.

The cannabis-infused gin is the result of research conducted by University of Melbourne senior researcher Dr. David Stapleton, PhD, who specializes in biochemistry and molecular biology; along with co-founders Cormac Sheehan and Richard Jameson, Delicious reports.

The Cannabis Co. says Myrcene, and thus its gin, has value as a “dietary health and wellness supplement” that can offer “joyful and euphoric effects.”

The gin is said to boast aromas of bubblegum, lavender, pine forest, and sage; and soft tones of violet melding with rosemary, resin, cloves, and woody spices.

The company suggests serving the Myrcene Hemp Gin “poured over a wedge of fresh lemon and paired with a premium tonic. Try with a sprig of fresh rosemary to really bring out the piney aromas,” the Cannabis Co. website reads.

The Myrcene Hemp Gin launched with 300 hand-stamped, limited-edition bottles which sold out in three days, the Drinks Business reports. A second batch is available for preorder for $99 AUD (about $71 USD).