Though the French may lead the world in wine production, their consumption is seriously lagging. According to LARVF, France’s wine consumption has seen a 13% decrease since 2011, with numbers expected to decline until 2020. The numbers come from a recent study conducted by Vinexpo, the one of France’s largest tasting events, held annually in Bordeaux.

The study reports that in 1975, the average French citizen’s wine consumption was 100 liters per year. Last year, the numbers were shockingly low, with average consumption at only 47 liters per person, with an expectation to go down to 43.63 liters in 2020.

Despite the fact that red wine accounts for 52% of France’s wine market, consumption levels have reportedly gone down over 12% over the past three years, with white wine also seeing a 4% decrease. However, sparkling wine and rosé consumption have seen significant growth amongst the French population.

The study revealed that world wine consumption has grown 0.4%, with 266 million hectoliters consumed in 2016. The biggest importers of international wine? China, and our very own USA. Spirits consumption is also on a (slower) decline in France, with China and India leading the world in consumption.

While the study didn’t present any reason for the consumption decrease, perhaps our favorite chain-smoking, wine-soaked country is on the brink of a new health kick? As long as they keep producing our favorite wines, we’re cool with it.