Nobody puts a Florida woman in a corner…unless that corner is in Martin County Jail.

On September 17 in Jensen Beach, Fla., Cindy Barrientos of Port St. Lucie was arrested in Total Wine & More on a disorderly intoxication charge. Her crime? “Causing a disturbance” in the form of an attempt to reenact a scene from the 1987 film, “Dirty Dancing.”

The report says it’s not clear which scene from the summer classic starring Patrick Swayze and Jennier Grey Barrientos and a friend were trying to reenact, but you know the one.

We’ll admit, if we were shopping in Total Wine and two intoxicated women were running and jumping through the isles, we’d find that pretty disturbing, too. After all, no matter who tries to recreate that iconic lift—famous football players or otherwise—no one will do it like Johnny and Baby.

But, we will give it to Barrientos for taking the glory from Florida Man, if only for a moment.