Lucky Londoners will be glad to know a spa concept successful in Japan is now coming to the U.K.: Wine therapy.

This isn’t the wine therapy you’re used to (see: drinking wine). Ella Di Rocco Wellness Medispa, a spa in West London which offers high end services like body diagnostics, face lifts, and fat reduction, is offering guests the chance to indulge inside and out with a series of treatments that involve wine-infused bathing, soaking, and detoxing.

According to the company, the wine spa skin-rejuvenating treatments are exclusive to Ella Di Rocco, and include such options as Merlot body scrub (to relax, detoxify, and cleanse), Sangiovese bath (to enhance health and wellbeing), Merlot grape seed massage, and wine-inspired wraps claiming to detox, moisturize, and energize.

Honestly, we don’t need much convincing.