This Wine Purse Let’s You Drink Wine Everywhere

Wine lovers rejoice! You no longer need to smuggle heavy, breakable bottles of wine in your purse! (We’re not suggesting that’s a common occurrence, we’re just saying you don’t have to do it anymore.)

A new purse called the PortoVino enables each purse-carrying member of society to carry 1.5 liters (two bottles) of whatever wine they desire. A Franzia-esque bag is inside, and a small flap flips up to reveal a spot for the spout to come out. If you’re thinking this is just box wine without the shame, you’re right.

Of course, if you’re not a wine person, you can fill the bag with anything you like. But let’s be honest. This is exactly the classy wine tote you’ve been waiting for. Just take out the plastic bag, unscrew the spout, and pour in whatever wine you please.

Wine Purse
GIF via Delish / YouTube

Just imagine the possibilities here. Tired of walking to the pregame with a plastic bag in hand? Not need for that anymore. Your favorite beach doesn’t allow glass? No problem. Embarrassed about the clinking sound from all the minis you smuggled into the movie theater? Wine is the much classier solution.

And yes, there’s room in the bag for everything else you keep in your boring, non-wine purse. You’ll still to have to carry the glasses though, unless you’re fine with drinking from your purse slap-the-bag style (no judgment!).

The purse costs $74.95, and comes in black, blue, and red. Depending on your priorities, it’s a small price to pay for ultimate wine drinking freedom.

h/t Delish