Mom Gives Daughter Wine Life Hack
Photo via Saoirse / Twitter

Traveling by train is a drag. Correction: Traveling by train is a drag when you don’t have wine with you. So it’s no wonder that a picture of a mom’s wine hack went viral after her daughter posted the picture to Twitter.

“New life hack,” the mom (or mum, since we’re talking about people in England here) of Twitter user @saaaoirse writes in a text. “A whole bottle of wine can fit in a Lucozade sport bottle so you don’t look like a wino on the train.” Wine emoji. Smiley face halo emoji. Underneath the text is a picture of said life-hack expert mid chug.

This is the mom we all need and deserve. Lucozade is essentially the Gatorade of England, fancy colors, sugar, and all. Dump out the artificially colored red sports drink, dump in some grape-based sports drink. Wine helps your workout, after all, and alcohol encourages you to get out and get fit. The beauty of this wine hack is that it can fit multiple different occasions.

Lucozade bottles come in 380 milliliter bottles, 500 milliliter bottles, and 1 liter bottles. Since a wine bottle is 750 milliliters, she must have been using a 1 liter bottle. That means there’s still room in there for around another third of a second wine bottle. You know, if you’re with friends, or a really cool mom who always wants to teach you new things or something.

Americans don’t need to get down or book a one way ticket to England just for Lucozade wine lifestyle. Both Gatorade and Powerade Fruit Punch flavors come in liter-size bottles, so you can dump out the hydration juice and pour in the Beaujolais. Cheers!

h/t: Mashable