Online wine retailer Wine Insiders is offering “the wine adventure of a lifetime,” including a worldwide trip, $100,000 cash prize, an experience working in the wine industry, and the opportunity to assist in developing a new line of wines.

The Ultimate Wine Insider promotion, which started on Aug. 15, asks enthusiasts to make the case for why they’d be the best Wine Insiders ambassador. United States residents over the age of 21 will submit a 30-second video explaining their love of wine to stand a chance of winning the contest.

One ambassador will be selected based on their creativity, the strength of their pitch, and their fit as the face of Wine Insider, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

The trip includes key winery, tasting room, and vineyard locations across four iconic wine-producing countries: France, South Africa, Italy, and Chile. Each location includes a weeks’ worth of tours. The wine insider winner will tour minimal-intervention Radford Dale winery in the Cape of Good Hope; fifth-generation Cremashi Furlotti vineyards in Chile; 70-year-old Tuscan winery Cantina Etrusca; and 16th-century castle Château de Monbazillac in France.

A cash prize of $100,000 accompanies the all-expenses-paid trip. To top off the experience, the contest winner will assist in developing a line of four new wines. In total, the estimated value of the prize amounts to $199,300.

The contest will run through Oct. 14 on Wine Insider’s website. Results will be published in November of this year.

It’s implied that social media will be a big part of the ambassadorship so make sure to have Instagram downloaded!