Some spectators got a little too excited at Wimbledon on Friday, forcing an umpire to halt play after their Champagne corks flew onto the court.

Umpire Gianluca Moscarella was overseeing a game between France’s Benoît Paire and the Czech Republic’s Jiří Veselý when he stopped the match to caution the audience. “Enjoy your champagne but please don’t pop your corks on court,” he said.

Veselý was serving at the time the game was halted. Moscarella yelled, “let, let, let,” forcing the point to be replayed.

“In our conditions of entry, it states that all corked bottles, including bottles of champagne and sparkling wine, must be opened prior to being taken into the stands of any court,” a spokesperson for the All England Club told the Guardian.

This isn’t the first time Champagne has created problems during Wimbledon. World number one Novak Djokovic recently had his serve interrupted as someone in the crowd opened a bottle, while another spectator caused a stir when his cork burst out of the bottle unexpected and knocked off his sunglasses.