A wildfire  broke out the afternoon of Wednesday, June 26 in northeastern Spain, and is threatening homes and vineyards in the area.

According to CNN, due to extremely high temperatures, a manure pile generated enough heat to create sparks and start the fire. Strong winds spread the fire over 10,000 acres. The total affected area is expected to reach over 49,000 acres.

“The difficulties are such that we can’t talk about a fire that is under control or in the extinction phase, but rather that we’re at a moment when the blaze is getting bigger,” Miquel Buch, regional interior minister, reportedly told Catalan radio.

Vineyards, along with fruit orchards and olive grows, are being reported as damaged or destroyed and approximately 50 people have been evacuated from their homes.

This summer, much of Europe has been experiencing a heat wave. France, Italy, and Spain have all recorded record high temperatures reaching over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. France even issued a “red level” alert to regions of the country earlier this week, the first time that level has been used for a heat wave.