Ever wish you could make fast cash by drinking hard seltzer and surfing for six months? We didn’t either, but it’s a pretty convincing gig: White Claw, through its Best Life Contest, is looking for two brand ambassadors to travel and make money doing it.

White Claw, a hard seltzer company that champions “an active, balanced lifestyle, without compromising fun experiences in life,” according to the contest announcement, is setting aside $60K each for two “best life ambassadors.” Each contest winner will be free to travel as they please (domestically), “discovering new passions and experiences,” and, of course, documenting everything on Instagram along the way.

To enter, wanderlusters must submit a photo and caption here or on Instagram demonstrating “living your best life.” According to recent submissions, that includes surfing, skydiving, climbing a mountain, or gazing at the ocean as you ignore your very expensive breakfast.

See the official rules here.