Forget pool tables and trivia, at this Arizona bar, drinkers entertain themselves playing a unique game machine.

Located in Scottsdale, El Hefe recently introduced a White Claw Claw Game machine. (You know, the ones you see in bowling alleys or the famous alien-claw scene in Toy Story?)

El Hefe collaborated with White Claw to create the interactive machine for fans of the spiked seltzer brand. But there’s just one downside: If you do manage to get your claws on a White Claw, the can will be empty because the bar is not allowed to offer self-serve drinks. Drinkers do, however, receive a discount on the popular hard seltzer when they buy it from the bar.

“The response so far has been amazing!” Robyn Moore, director of communications for the bar’s parent company, Riot House Group, told AZ Central.

The game has been so popular, in fact, that El Hefe has run out of cans on multiple occasions. The bar now plans to introduce an identical machine at its Tempe, Ariz., location.