There are certainly more horrific things to find during home renovations than a bottle of whiskey.

Contractor Craig Harrigan was tearing up the kitchen units at a house in Perth, Scotland when he discovered a bottle of Glenkinchie whisky and a handwritten note left by the previous homeowners.

“Jack and May lived here – three kids and a dog. Kitchen done up during April/May 2001,” the message read. “All the best! Have a drink on us.”

Harrigan shared his shock discovery on TikTok, and users were touched by the sentiment. Over the last week, the short clip has racked up over 127,000 views.


Carrying out essential work! Great find. Not sure I would drink it tbh. #fyp #drink #whisky #scotland #scottish #wrenkitchen #VideoSnapChallenge

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The bottle has found its not-so-new home above ground with Jack and May’s daughter, who recently purchased the house from her parents, according to The Sun. She plans to keep it as a token, and maybe crack it open for a few celebratory housewarming sips.

Nothing warms the heart like finding an old memento — except maybe a few swigs of whiskey, of course.