If you’ve opened your TikTok “For You” page recently, chances are you’ve encountered a Borg. No, the term doesn’t refer to a Star Trek alien, cyborg, or some other fantastical creature — it’s a boozy drink beloved by the youths, apparently.

Over the weekend, a video of college students sipping from plastic gallon containers filled with colorful liquid went viral and garnered over 7 million views on the app. It describes the B.O.R.G.— the acronym for “Black Out Rage Gallon” — as a common tailgating beverage of choice.

“Gen Z is bringing gallon jugs to tailgates and calling them borgs,” the video’s text reads.


i feel like im at the zoo

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But what exactly is a Borg, you might ask?

Simply put: It’s a giant vodka water, with added colorful flavoring. That college students actually drink.

The Borg “cocktail,” as shown in this tutorial, includes just three ingredients: water, booze, and liquid water flavoring. Starting with a full gallon-sized plastic container of water, the thirsty Borg-thusiast pours out half the water, replacing it with a discretionary amount of vodka, flavored or otherwise. They then add liquid MiO or similar water flavoring to taste.


Some also add hydration-boosting ingredients, such as Pedialyte or Liquid IV.

Based on the now-viral video, Borgs truly are customizable. Neon pink, orange, and green vodka water inside plastic containers are seen in the video and labeled with their own pun-filled names.

Some notable drink titles from other TikToks include “Borgalicious,” “I Studied A-Borg,” and “Borgingham Palace.”


BORG #borg

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Borgs are especially known for their prominence at “darties” (day parties) and beloved for their portability. The drink is far from a new concept — think: jungle juice — but this particular format seems to be. While this trend initially sparked concern from commenters, the beverage has also been heralded as a safer alternative to party punch.

Only one question remains: Are you on-borg with the trend?