Weight Watchers doesn’t want you to have to skimp on your wine just so you can keep your SmartPoints in check. The diet company with a name synonymous with weight loss now has a wine, and it’s only 3 SmartPoints (85 calories) per serving.

The wine is a Sauvignon Blanc called Cense (which means “perfume something ritually with the odor of burning incense”) from New Zealand. It’s made by Truett-Hurst, the same company that makes Trader Joe’s wine and the notorious Target wine. Most Sauvignon Blanc, according to the Huffington Post, is at least four point and 120 calories. So it’s not a giant leap, but every calorie counts, right?

Phil Hurst, the CEO of Truett-Hurst, said he worked with Weight Watchers for two years in a statement.

“To develop Cense, we leveraged an innovative technology that captures the compounds that make up the flavor and aroma of a wine, holding them aside while removing excessive alcohol,” Hurst stated. “This process allows us to reduce both calories and SmartPoints per serving without compromising on taste or bouquet.”

By removing excessive alcohol, Hurst means that although each serving has less calories, it’ll take more servings to catch the same buzz. Cense has 9.6 percent alcohol by volume, whereas most Sauvignon Blancs have between 11 and 13 percent alcohol by volume.

You can buy Cense for $15 a bottle on the Cense website. Or you can use our handy wine calorie chart to see which full flavor wines and wine-producing regions are making naturally low calorie wine.