When thinking of the spirits usually consumed in clubs, tequila and vodka tend to be the two that come to mind. Gin, on the other hand… not so much. But beverage brand Wattshot is on a mission to change consumers’ minds by bringing the first gin exclusively made for shots in Scotland.

Bottled at 37.5 percent ABV, Wattshot Gin is made in France using a blend of eight secret botanicals and cherry juice, according to the brand. The product took over nine years for master tastemaker Stuart Logan to fully develop, and allegedly eliminates the need for a mixer or a chaser thanks to a balance of sugars, amino acids, salts, and alkaloids. Though it’s designed to be consumed in shot form, the brand also says the cherry-flavored gin can also be consumed over ice or mixed into cocktails.

The gin originally launched in 2021 to on-trade and e-commerce channels across Europe, but has recently been brought to Scotland with the help of Scottish entrepreneur Doug Everest, the brand’s co-founder. Launched in March 2024 in conjunction with Edinburgh-based restaurant operator Merchant Leisure Group, the gin is currently available at five of the city’s nightlife venues including The Piper’s Rest, Jackson The Tailor, The Newsroom, The Railbridge, and Burgers & Beer Grillhouse. For those who prefer to consume at home, the bottle is also available across the nation through wholesaler Inverarity Morton.

“Wattshot is becoming popular in different markets around the world, but it’s always been an aim of mine to launch in my home country,” Everest explained in a press release. “I’m very proud to see Wattshot stocked in some fantastic outlets in Edinburgh and I’m confident people will embrace the concept.”

Wattshot Gin is currently available in Scotland and other European countries for £29.95 ($37.49).