U.K. actors Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys are just like regular folks. They like to drink wine, learn a bit about it, and as per usual, sometimes they get drunk along the way.

Matthew Goode known for his work on “The Good Wife” and “Downtown Abbey,” and Matthew Rhys from “Brothers and Sisters” and “The Americans” have come together to create a new television series based on a shared interest. That’s right, vino. (“Stars! They’re just like us!”)

Like other wine enthusiasts, Goode and Rhys strive to know more about the industry and its culture so they can indulge themselves on a higher level. Thus, they created their own 13 episode series, “The Wine Show,” filmed in 11 countries on five continents where Rhys and Goode learn about wine as they drink it. And when we say they drink it, we mean they drink a lot of it.

However, it’s not like Goode and Rhys are unleashed on a vineyard like wild dogs. Three wine experts travel with the actors to teach them about wine culture in each episode, and in turn the actors discover delicious bottles and the fascinating stories behind them. Of course, outtakes like these seem to suggest the two Matthews drink a bit more than they actually learn on the show.

If you’ve ever been on a wine tasting journey, you’ll be able to relate to their drunken missteps: they slur their words (albeit with proper British accents), laugh uncontrollably, yell, forget their trains of thought, and make vulgar jokes. After all, wine is fun.