Every year, some 75,000 metal music fans gather on a farm for the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany. An average of 105,000 gallons of beer is consumed over the three day festival, which means a lot of beer trucks making deliveries and tearing up the farm land.

But this year the farm will be (relatively) safe. Wacken organizers built a 4.3-mile long, underground beer pipeline to shoot 105,000 gallons of beer straight to the metal heads — no heavy beer trucks necessary.

“In this way, we will no longer have to distribute truck loads of beer kegs across the premises each day,” festival spokesman Frederike Arns told Deutsche Press Agentur.

wacken air festival beer pipeline
Photo via Wacken / Facebook

The pipeline is two-and-a-half feet underground. This allows the farm to continue normal operations tire-track free the rest of the year. It can deliver a beer a second — which is a necessary speed considering the festival attendees drink 5.1 liters (around 14 standard beers) each.

It’s not the only beer pipeline. There’s also one in Bruge, Belgium. But it is the only beer pipeline designed to save farmland from raging music fans.