For New Belgium Brewing’s Voodoo Ranger, there’s always a way to create a bigger and better IPA. The latest release from the craft brand plays off a classically sweet beverage and was developed in a similar style to one of its previous hits.

Voodoo Ranger introduced its new Fruit Force IPA this week, according to a Jan. 9 emailed press release. The fruity, full-flavor brew aims to capture the same hype of the Juice Force IPA, considered one of the most popular craft beer launches of 2022.

The brand calls the new Fruit Force IPA a “highly drinkable” beer, playing off the same beloved flavors of the brand’s hazy Juice Force IPA. It contains many of the characteristics found in a standard American-Style Hazy Imperial IPA, with “a fruit punch twist.” At 9.5 percent ABV, both of these launches are notably boozier than your average beer.

At its core, Fruit Force is designed to taste nearly like a fruit punch, New Belgium core brand manager Dave Knospe tells VinePair over email. It features a lighter body than a standard hazy imperial, as drinkers might notice its bursts of sweet fruit, strong aroma, and the bitter finish characteristic of IPAs. It’s brewed using tropical hops, which contribute to its light body and bright aromatics.

“People love Juice Force. But even that unique and highly sought-after creature — the highly drinkable, Hazy Imperial IPA — needs a wingman,” Knospe states in the press release. “Fruit Force is a natural addition to expand the Voodoo Ranger family with a new, unexpected flavor, and we can’t wait to see how fans respond.”

A grown-up (and hoppier) version of nostalgic fruit punch? Say less.