Russian Life Hack: Vodka Deodorizes Clothing

Vodka Makes Laundry Smell Fresh

Broadway actors know their smelly clothes. They perform in the same outfit night after night with little time to do the dry cleaning. Fortunately there’s a boozy deodorizing solution: vodka.

That’s right, vodka. None other than Channing Tatum’s favorite spirit. All it takes to make musty clothes smell better is some vodka spritzed from a spray bottle, according to Reader’s Digest.

“Actors are sweating all night in their costumes, and they can’t get them dry cleaned every night, so they just spray them with vodka,” Leslie Reichert, aka “The Cleaning Coach,” tells Reader’s Digest.

All you need is vodka (cheap vodka will do) and a spray bottle. Spray a thin coating over all the clothes you never have time to wash and wait for the vodka to evaporate. As it does, the smells are lifted off the clothes as well. Apparently, the alcohol is what makes the smell better, so the higher the alcohol content the better. Just make sure it’s plain vodka, not salmon flavored vodka.

If Kendrick Lamar’s pool full of liquor is vodka, he probably has some neutral smelling clothes.

One more tip. Spraying too much vodka on your clothes or wearing said clothes before the vodka dries will make you smell irresponsible and deplorable. Stick to an early spray, let your clothes fully dry, and don’t use flavored vodka. Other than that, spray away and enjoy all your extra time you save not washing your clothes.