With the New Year quickly approaching, a new crop of wellness trends and resolutions will likely pop up. That being said, this WWII Air Force Veteran has an unlikely tip for living a long, healthy life: a daily can of Coors Light.

Andrew E. Slavonic, the veteran who went viral in 2018 after connecting his longevity to the beer, turned 103 on Dec. 1. Two years ago, Slavonic first made news when Fox reported that he had enjoyed a Coors Light at 4 P.M. every day for over 20 years. According to his son Bob, Slavonic began drinking Coors in 1996, switching to the lighter option about 15 years ago.

To help celebrate his 101st birthday, Coors Molson sent Slavonic a fully stocked Coors Light branded fridge, and flew him out to Colorado to tour the brewery. At this point, Bob says that people continue to recognize his dad, who enjoys a healthy level of “Coors Light fame.”

This year, to celebrate his birthday, Bob surprised his father by bringing him out to his town’s VFW, where the local police, fire department, medics, and VFW Post 764 stood at attention and saluted Slavonic. While this moment might not have greased Slavonic’s wheels like a fridge full of beer, it’s safe to say it made for a very happy birthday.