There’s no time like the present to start shopping for your Valentine. 

If you’re stuck on what to gift someone, you definitely aren’t alone. Gift-giving is tricky (and often expensive). In 2022, some 53 percent of Americans planned to celebrate the holiday, according to Forbes, spending an average of $175 on the big day.

Slapping a bow on a great bottle is always an option, but if you’d rather get creative, there are a slew of boozy products crafted with lovers in mind. From alcoholic ice cream to glitzy cocktails, these are gifts are bartender- and Cupid-approved.

Skrewing Around Candle

Credit: Skrewball

As one of the fastest-growing spirits brands in the U.S., Skrewball is clearly a fan favorite — but this gift takes the flavored whiskey to another level. The quirky candle company Blow Me partnered with Skrewball to create a soy-based candle in time for Valentine’s Day. Expect aromas of whiskey, maple syrup, and (of course) peanut butter.

Tipsy Scoop “Drunk In Love” Valentine’s Day Boozy Ice Cream

Credit: Tipsy Scoops

Planning a girls’ night in for February 14? The vibes call for ice cream, of course. This pack of boozy frozen treats from Tipsy Scoop sits at five percent ABV and includes four flavors: Cake Batter Vodka Martini, Tequila Mexican “Hot” Chocolate, Raspberry Limoncello Sorbet, and Blue Chair Bay Mocha Rum Cream. At $115.95, this is a bit of a pricey buy; we recommend splitting it between friends.

Pink Cocktail Glitter

Credit: Drinks That Sparkle

Valentine’s Day calls for festive drinks, and what better way to dazzle your sweetheart than adding cocktail glitter to their beverage of choice? Australian brand Drinks That Sparkle carries five different rosy hues of glitter. From coral to baby pink, there’s sure to be something to kick your drinks up a notch. Canisters of the glitter retail for $7, making this a budget-friendly addition to any party or dinner for two.

Red Heart Inlay Double Old Fashioned Glass

Credit: World Market

Count us starstruck. This stunning glass is a great way to share the love with the friend who’s always throwing elaborate dinner parties. It’s hand-created and holds 14 ounces — a.k.a. the perfect container for an Old Fashioned.

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Valentine’s Day Pack

Credit: Fireball

When all else fails, you can always count on the classics. Fireball releases a seasonal heart-shaped box of shooters nearly every February — and it’s complete with cheeky anti-Valentine sentiments. This package, which contains 10 50-milliliter bottles of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, retails for a suggested $10.