Former Jamaican sprinter and eight-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt took sipping Champagne to new heights yesterday.

Bolt, who was named G.H. Mumm “chief entertainment officer” in 2016, popped a bottle of Grand Cordon Stellar on board an Airbus Zero-G with French astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy and interior designer Octave de Gaulleas. The bottle was specially designed to be opened in zero gravity, a project three years in the making, developed in partnership with space design specialists, Spade, the Drinks Business reports.

The three men also raced in the airbus, which you can see in a video Bolt posted on Facebook . Obviously, Bolt emerged victorious. Also, squad goals.

The sparkling science goes like this: When in zero gravity, bottle pressure expels the wine into a ring-shaped frame, which appears similar to splash of bubbles. The sparkling blob can then be scooped up into a custom-made glass, which has a slightly concave shape, allowing the imbiber to catch the droplets. Thanks to surface tension, the foam can “stick” to the sides of the glass.

We’ll stick to drinking in a gravitational pull, thanks.