One tennis fan is giving college students everywhere a run for their money with a budding boozy tradition.

During last year’s U.S. Open, an attendee identified as Megan Lucky went viral for chugging a beer impressively fast while featured on the stadium’s Jumbotron. She returned this year to defend her title and once again wow crowds by finishing an entire beer in just over seven seconds, according to USA Today.

In a moment that’s now gone viral on Twitter with 1.2 million views and counting, Lucky chugged a beer in the stands during a Sept. 3 tennis match. After noticing the stadium’s fan camera focus on her, she stood and smiled, grabbing her plus-one’s beer. After gulping it down in a matter of seconds, Lucky threw up her arms and celebrated along with the crowd.

The U.S. Open’s official Twitter account quipped, “It seems this is becoming tradition at this point,” alongside a video of Lucky slurping down the beer.

In 2021, the tennis fan chugged a brew after similarly noticing the fan cam directed towards her. She finished the plastic cup of beer in an impressive 7.37 seconds, later guzzling a second pint during the match.

During the following weekend, the U.S. Open’s Instagram account shared a side-by-side video of both years’ viral moments. As a stopwatch measures both chugs, the video records that the beer-chugging icon finished both years’ drinks in nearly the same amount of time.

Jimmy Fallon, whose unfortunate chugging attempt at a Rangers game went viral last year, might want to take notes.