Has the day finally arrived where hangovers aren’t a thing anymore? According to two Yale University students, it just may have. Liam McClintock and Margaret Morse teamed up with fellow alumni, university educators, and a pharmaceutical manufacturer to create the product we’ve all been dreaming of. SunUp, an all natural, citrus-flavored powder just might be the answer to hangovers.

It’s pretty simple. Go out for a night of debauchery, wake up feeling terrible, stir some SunUp into your morning water bottle and call it a day.

Two Yale Students Have Apparently Found the Cure For Hangovers

The product claims to contain ingredients that “prime the body with essential nutrients to combat toxicity, while at the same time, balancing glutamine levels and counteracting immunological disturbances,” claims the group, via Time.

In order for SunUp to meet the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s costs, a whopping $20,000 was needed. Shockingly, the goal was surpassed by nearly $5,000 more. Time reports that individual packets will be sold for $5 a pop — which is certainly less than most of the drinks you paid for last night.