Don’t get it twisted, longstanding flavored malt beverage brand Twisted Tea isn’t just about the iconic hard tea anymore.

The Boston Beer brand is partnering with spirits corporation Beam Suntory to launch Sweet Tea Whiskey, a limited-edition, 32.5 percent ABV spirit, according to an Aug. 4 press release.

“We put our fans first in everything we do – from printing their photos on our cans, to including them in our commercials, to bringing them the flavors and pack styles they ask for,” brand director Erica Taylor states in the release. “Many of them are already shopping for flavored whiskey, so this is our way of giving them something they can call their own.”

While the brand has been a feature at young adults’ parties since its inception in 2001, this is Twisted Tea’s first venture into the spirits space.

“Twiskey” Old Fashioned, anyone?

What’s in Twisted Tea’s whiskey?

The Twisted Tea new spirit contains “real, well-balanced whiskey” and will be brewed with tea leaves, similar to the brand’s original offering. This might add a bit of a natural energy boost to the spirit — the original flavor of “Twea” contains about 30 milligrams of caffeine.

What does Twisted Tea’s whiskey taste like?

The whiskey will feature a smooth oak flavor with bright bursts of lemon, according to the press release. It’s based on the original flavor of the hard tea brand.

Where can I buy Twisted Tea’s whiskey?

The limited-edition spirit will be available in retail markets across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Missouri, Ohio and Texas, in addition to military outlets nationally. Fans can purchase the spirit in 50-milliliter, 750-milliliter and 1-liter offerings.