Traveling through America in the future will be much more patriotic. America-themed hotels fit for the president are coming to South. The Trump Organization announced plans on June 5 to start a patriotic hotel chain called American Idea, complete with nostalgia-inducing Coke machines, the New York Times reports.

The theme, like President Donald Trump’s campaign, is America first. It’ll be filled with so many American sundries you’ll feel like you’re starring in the Andy Griffith show.

The first American Ideas will open in small towns in Mississippi with the help of a man who donated money to Trump’s campaign (the Trump Organization insists the hotels aren’t about politics and Trump himself is not directly involved). To get the business rolling, existing Holiday Inns and Comfort Inns will be renovated. It’ll lack gold veneer and luxury, and Trumps name allegedly won’t be on or in the buildings.

Much of the inspiration came during the campaign.

“During the campaign, the Trump children would report back about the thousands of supporters attending rallies and what they saw as a chance to build a line of hotels standing out from the cookie-cutter options in midsize and small cities,” the Times writes.

The hotels won’t, the Trump Organization insists, only open in places that supported Trump.

Soon you won’t be able to forget which country you’re in as you check out for the night, and you’ll wake up with America on your mind.