With hard seltzers flowing by the case-load in the heat of a vaccinated summer, Truly is introducing a unique new loyalty program.

To celebrate the launch of Truly’s Punch Hard Seltzer, the brand’s new initiative offers a limited opportunity for loyal fans to win a year’s worth of the drink. Entry is simple: all drinkers need to do is set up an account before September 7 and get five “punches” on their card to be eligible.

The loyalty program features a digital “punch card” that acts like the kind given out by local coffee shops… but with a twist. To receive a punch, drinkers have to partake in designated activities, like karaoke or going to a place they’ve never been before. After completing an activity, drinkers must upload video or photo evidence to unlock prizes.

For every completed activity (each card features five in total), drinkers will receive one piece of Truly-branded swag and one entry into a “Grand Prize” draw. A total of five Grand Prize winners will then be announced in early September, with each rewarded a $1,000 Visa gift card to go toward a year’s supply of Truly Punch.

With a summer of lost activities to make up for, Truly’s new loyalty program may be a no-brainer.