Trooper Beer Shower
Photo via LiveLeak / YouTube

Beer showers are usually reserved for positive occasions, like when your baseball team hits a home run, for example. It’s also usually expected occurrence — it’s hard to not see someone shaking up a can and popping the top to spray delicious beer all over everyone in a five foot radius.

But one type of beer shower is arguably more enjoyable to watch. The surprise beer shower.

Not convinced? Just watch this video of a Nevada Highway Patrol trooper getting showered by thousands of cans and bottles of beer. It all starts with a routine traffic stop, FOX 31 in Denver reports. Trooper Travis Smaka asked the people in a small white sedan if they had been drinking when the sound of truck brakes interrupted him.

The truck was filled with beer. Braking too hard caused the truck to prematurely release its cargo all over the car and Smaka. Or, as Smaka told FOX 31, “Well over 1,000 pounds of bottles of beer shattering and a tidal wave of beer coming at me.”

No one was hurt except for the lost souls who don’t have beer because their delivery was interrupted. The real winner, though, was the driver who was originally pulled over. That person left without a ticket.

“When you watch the video, it is a little amusing, but at the same time, sends a serious reminder of what happens ont he freeway when people do cut in front of semis,” Jason Buratczuk, another Nevada trooper, told FOX 31. “They’re so heavy, they’re so large. They take so long to stop.”

Watch the video for yourself below.