Update: After this story was published, a Topo Chico representative informed VinePair that the brand’s Mixers will no longer be released due to unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, the launch of Topo Chico Sabores is currently delayed with more information to follow.

Two new releases from Topo Chico are hitting shelves next month.

Topo Chico Sabores and Mixers will soon be available in select regions of the United States, according to a brand representative. The new sparkling water and mixer selection provide a range of flavors — both for combining with spirits and sipping on their own.

Topo Chico Mixers offer the brand’s take on classic ginger beer, tonic water, and club soda. The light, bubbly seltzers will be sold in four-packs of a single flavor, retailing for $6.49.

The new mixers are offered nationally starting April 24 at grocery retailers such as Walmart, Kroger, and Publix. They range between 0–90 calories depending on flavor and are packaged in 6.5-ounce glass bottles.

“Topo Chico Mixers are an elevated non-alcoholic mixer with premium ingredients, a light essence of flavors, crisp bubbles, filtered sparkling water, and added minerals for taste,” the release states. “The crisp bubbles lock in complexities of the unique flavors, amplifying the taste of the alcohol or alcohol alternatives, while curated herbal notes are a nod to Topo Chico’s heritage for a delicate and authentic taste.”

Three Sabores offerings — canned, ready-to-drink seltzer with a stronger flavor than Topo Chico Mixers — also join the brand’s portfolio next month. The non-alcoholic sips range from 5–15 calories each, retailing for $1.50 per can or $4.49 per four-pack.

Each Sabores flavor is fruit-forward with a subtle botanical element: blueberry with a hint of hibiscus, tangerine with a hint of ginger extract, and lime with a hint of mint extract. Starting April 3, Topo Chico Sabores will be available in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and New York.