After dropping a line of hard seltzers last year, Topo Chico is back with a fresh alcoholic offering — this time, with canned spins on classic cocktails.

Topo Chico Spirited offers three new flavors, contains Topo Chico mineral water and real spirits including premium tequila and vodka, according to a Sept. 29 press release. A recent brand announcement shares that the line of spirits-based cocktails hits U.S. markets starting April 17.

The new line does not replace Topo Chico’s current malt-based offerings. Instead, it furthers the partnership between Molson Coors and Coca-Cola, following the national success of Simply Spiked Lemonade and Topo Chico Hard Seltzer.

A can of Top Chico Spirited pictured next to a cocktail on a bar
Credit: Topo Chico

The set includes a fruit-forward flavor lineup:

  • Tequila & Lime: This ranch water-inspired drink combines tequila blanco, lime juice, and filtered sparkling water for a bold and citrusy seltzer. Each can is 130 calories and 5.9 percent ABV.
  • Tequila & Grapefruit: A nod to the Paloma, this selection contains tequila blanco, grapefruit and lime juices, and Topo Chico sparkling water. It contains 150 calories and 5.9 percent ABV.
  • Vodka & Lemon: With the inclusion of vodka, lemon juice, Topo Chico sparkling water, and salt, this Chilton-inspired RTD calls back to West Texas. Each can contains 130 calories and 5.9 percent ABV.

Topo Chico Spirited cocktails will initially be offered in 22 states and the District of Columbia. They’re offered in four-packs of 12-ounce cans in a single flavor. The brand advises drinkers to track availability through its online product locator.

The initial rollout will begin in the following states: Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Washington, Florida, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, and Virginia.