Classic cocktails are classics for a reason. This much is evident based on the list of this year’s most-searched cocktail recipes released by Google.

Everything from the fruity Tiki bar favorite the Mai Tai, to everyone’s favorite brunch companion the Bloody Mary made it onto Google’s list this year. The Margarita came in first place as the most searched cocktail recipe of the year, with the minty Mojito following close behind, and the Hot Toddy landing in third place.

The only cocktail on this list that might make you scratch your head is the Irish Car Bomb. For those unfamiliar with this cocktail, let us save you the Google search: An Irish Car Bomb is typically a combination of Guinness, an Irish cream liqueur, and of course, some Irish whiskey. But be forewarned the Irish Car Bomb is an American invention, whose name is often considered to be derogatory, and god help you if you try to order one in Ireland.

Here is the list of most-searched cocktail recipes in order of search popularity, as reported by Food & Wine:

  1. Margarita
  2. Mojito
  3. Hot Toddy
  4. Sangria
  5. Whiskey Sour
  6. Mai Tai
  7. Bloody Mary
  8. Cosmopolitan
  9. Old Fashioned
  10. Irish Car Bomb