Tom Brady is most well known, along with his football career, for his strict, health-conscious diet. Last night, Stephen Colbert put that diet to the test on the Late Show, when he made Brady chug a beer—and Brady willingly obliged.

If you can’t guess, it was Brady who won, and by a long shot. He not only finished his pint in a matter of seconds, put picked it up again to drain that last drop, before Colbert had even come close to finishing his pint.

Colbert had been asking Brady about his eating habits and what the Patriots quarterback misses the most as a disciplined dieter. When Brady replies “cheeseburgers, pizza, and beer,” and mentions he was a “pretty good chugger back in the day,” Colbert is immediately ready with two pints of beer, poured and ready to go.

Apparently, Brady has a bit of a history as a beer chugging champion, ESPN reports.

What we want to know is: What were they drinking?