Picture this: You’re at a party, making great small-talk conversation with another solo party goer, when all of a sudden, you feel the urge to go to the bathroom. In a room full of randos, one can’t just leave their half-full beer or wine glass on a counter with the hopes that it won’t get tossed or drunk. You can’t ask the person you just met to hold your beverage, because a) that’s weird, and b) we don’t trust strangers that quickly, right? So what’s a girl/guy to do?

Toilet Beer is the New Shower Beer Thanks to This New Product
Photo via Etsy

Thanks to Etsy, problem solved. Introducing the His and Hers Toilet Paper Holder For Beverages, a product that allows you to sit and sip simultaneously, without worrying about what to do with your drink.

According to Food & Wine, the products don’t end there; this creative Etsy shop also sells suction cup wine glass and beer can holders, a double cup holder to attach to a stake at the beach, as well as a beer-holding canister to attach to your lawnmower. Thanks to SOLIDink3d, you never have an excuse to be without your beverage.

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