When introducing its newest canned product, Tito’s says the container isn’t empty — it’s “full of opportunity.”

In a tongue-in-cheek reference to the abundance of ready-to-drink offerings available right now, the vodka brand has joined the trend with its own DIY spin. Tito’s introduced the empty can on Tuesday and asked customers to create their own mixed beverages to fill the container.

The 16-ounce, double-insulated canned “cocktail” retails for $20, as an Aug. 2 email press release states. The packaging is primarily white with an orange sweep of color, featuring the phrase “Tito’s in a can*” in large font. The fine print on the can reads that ingredients aren’t included.

In addition to a website and social media launch, a thirty-second video by Arts & Letters Creative Co. accompanied the quirky product’s launch.

Tito’s noted that the company doesn’t stray into products beyond its sole vodka expression, and outlined the brand’s dedication to its classic product in the press release.

“At Tito’s, we put our energy into doing one thing, and doing it really well: making a high-quality and smooth vodka at a reasonable price,” vice president of brand marketing Taylor Berry said. “We developed Tito’s in a Can so Tito’s drinkers can make their own, better-quality seltzers… ones that are fresh, and are as strong or carbonated or citrusy as you want. Because we don’t make seltzers, you do.”

Tito’s fans can purchase the product online on the brand’s website or in-person at the Love, Tito’s retail location in Austin, Texas. While the quasi-RTD product requires a bit more effort than simply popping a seltzer can’s tab, it’s sure to be a favorite among Tito’s diehards.