When Tipsy Scoop, New York’s first boozy ice cream parlour (or ice cream “barlour”) opened in Manhattan in May 2017, the internet went wild. Ice cream with alcohol? It’s an Instagram-savvy taste makers’ dream. And over the past few months, Melissa Tavss, the genius behind the business, hasn’t disappointed. But the special for June tops it all: the Aperol Spritz Creamsicle placed on a scoop of Aperol Sprtiz Sorbet.

Both capitalize on the famous and beloved Italian drink made with Aperol, prosecco, and soda water. VinePair got a first look (and taste, of course) of the two creations, and it was delight at first sight.

The creamsicle is ice cream made with Aperol, Cinzano prosecco, and a dash of orange bitters. The velvety ice cream is sandwiched by custom whoopee cakes that are made to look like orange wheels.

The sorbet is refreshingly fruit forward and made with oranges, Aperol, and Cinzano prosecco. It’s bright orange — just like Aperol — and has a slightly more intense taste than its creamsicle counterpart.

Both are 5 percent alcohol by volume, or about the same alcohol as a beer. It’s the perfect summer Friday treat. Just get it fast, the special promotion end in June.